Thursday, December 10, 2015

Plaids vs. Tartans

Sounds like maybe a football game ready to take place?!  But, recently I have been seeing these BEE-U-TEE-FULL prints all over Pinterest & in some Shops.  So, I decided to dig in and find out if there really is a difference between the two...or is it just a "marketing" name each designer gives to their line?  Well, there truly is a difference!!! 
Here is some fun facts:
All Tartans are plaid
but not all Plaids are Tartans!
A true Tartan pattern 
has a matching pattern both horizontally
and vertically with a center point
meeting at a 90 degree angle, and
Stripes can be wide or thin
and woven in many different colors!

Here are a few Tartan Plaids...don't they just scream Christmas?!
I need to find me a pair of these!
Would love to have a blanket scarf like this one!

Just coziness!

Adorable Mugs!

So homey!
Here are a few Plaids:
Just loving these Maxi Skirts!

So, do you personally love them or hate them?!  I know they are "trending" at the spending a small fortune on them is not reasonable...which means I will be "thrifting" this week on the search atleast one Plaid or Plaid Tartan pattern! 



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