Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January, the month of Organizing

Most people consider January to be the month of "Resolutions".  It is essentially, but it is also the month of Organizing.  Just head to any big box store or hardware store and you will find Plastic Bins,
Organizing shelves, and not to mention a few books or magazines sitting out geared toward "Organizing"...sitting right out front for all to see.
When living in a teenie tiny cozy house it DEMANDS organization.  Seems like clutter just makes the house even smaller. 
Now that all of our 4 children are grown and living on their own, we have a few spare bedrooms that were just crying calling out for some attention.  They had served their purpose for quite some time, but now it was time to make them into something useful again.
I have decided, the Hubby and I, needed our own Dressing Rooms.  Our bedroom closet, dressers, and just about every area of our Bedroom was busting at the seams...fighting for space.  So, why not take two "unused" rooms and convert them into our own separate dressing rooms?  No more fighting for closet space, no more fighting for mirror time, no more anything...just our own personal space. 
I just finished MY Dressing Room today and couldn't wait any longer to show your the "BIG REVEAL"....well, it's not that big, but I sure am happy to have my own space. LOL
No more shoes hiding behind clothes in my closet.  This was used as my daughters TV holder and bookcase.
 The closet is finally clean.
I was so glad I remembered I had these wire cubes hiding in my basement.  I used them when I did craft shows, now they will house clothes that don't require hanging.
Sweaters and jeans live in them now.
 Also, my collection of Purses.
 This is an old coffee table that I plan on refinishing into a nice padded bench.  But, it will do for now.  I will eventually add a piece of foam on top, covered in a pretty fabic and I will paint the legs...but that's for another day.
 A wall mirror is housed behind the door, and I have my "overnite bag" along with my "shopping" hipster purse, on a hook for easy access when needed.

This is my "Vanity" area.  My husband built this for my daughter for her Vanity/homework area.  Its a great use of space for an otherwise "dead space" in a dormer.
Tray of Perfumes
 Found this idea on Pinterest.  Its an old ladder that I just tied my scarves onto.  Now I can see all my scarves without having to rummage thru a drawer of mess.
Standing at the door and looking in.

 EVERY Dressing Room needs a Dress Form.  JoAnn's has them on sale right now, so I had to just grab one up.
 Its COLD outside, so she had to put on my favorite soft scarf.
Well, there you have it.  MY own personal Dressing Room.  Now, to move onto my husbands room. 

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